Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monday, September 20, 2010

Manulife is looking for Callcenter Agents

-Execute a broad range of insurance, financial administration processes or medical claims adjudication.
-Process calls to effectively meet customer needs within established productivity goals and turnaround times
-Follow established guidelines in providing customers accurate information regarding their policies and plans.
-Update client information on the system as required.
-Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree.
-Previous experience in a North American Call Center is an advantage.
-Highly analytical and with strong decision making skills.
-High customer service orientation.
-Work schedule is fixed: 8pm-5am, 9pm-6am or 10pm-7am; Mondays to Fridays (weekends off).
-Applicants must be willing to work in Quezon City.
-Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.

Walk-in Applicantion

Saturday, September 18, 2010

HSBC is hiring at UP Techno Hub

Customer Service and Sales Associate
-Atleast 2 years in College or Equivalent experience.
-Excellent skills in Oral and Written English.
-Able to handle irate customers
-Competent over-the-phone selling skills.
-Callcenter Experience is a plus.

The fun thing about applying at an HSBC call center is that you don't even need a resume when you come to apply. Let me share you the experience we had when we applied at the HSBC technohub branch.
Here are the steps to application.
-All you need is a valid ID to get past the guard. You don't even need a resume just say you're a job applicant and they'll let you in.
-You'll be led to a waiting area where you'll be sitting with other applicants and you'll get to watch a movie while wating. (They were showing Legally Blonde that day)
-Once it's your turn you will be asked to go to a small room with a phone in the middle of the table. You will wait for the phone to ring and then the interview begins.
-Each interview takes 15-30 minutes so waiting really takes time. Good thing there are free Drinks at the waiting room. Juice, water and coffee are yours to drink all you can. There's also a snack vending machine.
-Again, you won't be asked for your resume so the interviewer will have to hear everything about you from you.
-Rumor has it that even a High School Graduate can apply as long as you can speak well.
-If you pass the interview you will be asked to come back the next business day for an exam. And probably a final interview.

Although it seems easier to get in at HSBC, the application doesn't take just 1 day and you'll be asked to come back several times.
The good part is that of all the call centers I've applied for, they're the only ones giving you free coffee and juices! I liked that about this company.
So if you're looking for a call center job and you haven't even finished 2nd year College, HSBC might just be the job you're looking for.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Hiring at UP-Ayala Techno Hub

One of the best places to go to when applying for a call center job is the UP techno hub. This place has about 4 callcenters and 3 of the them have their recruitment sites here, The center plaza is also a great place to hang out after work and it's just a walking distance from the Quezon memorial circle. The callcenters we checked were HSBC, IBM and Manulife.

We'll be featuring each one in the next few days. We'll also include tips how to pass their hiring process and eventually land a job so you could better prepare. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hiring at Convergys

We went here last week. Specifically at Convergys Commonwealth. So far their only looking for 2 positions. Customer Service Associate and Technical Support Rep.

Candidate Profile:
-At least completed 2 years of college
-Excellent communication skills in English
-Knowledge of basic computer operations.
-Willingness to rotate shifts, as needed.
-Ability to learn quickly.
-Courteous with strong customer service orientation.
-Dependable with proficient attention to detail.
-Good listening and responding skills.
-Must be flexible with the ability to adapt to changes quickly and think conceptually.
-Possess insight into self and others.
-Solid problem solving skills.
-Some technical knowledge.

Job Responsibilities:
-Handles general customer inquiries like account status and product information.
-They generally take in account records requests
-Handle marketing escalations
-Handle escalated calls and gives voice recognition walkthroughs.
Requirements and Skills:
-At least completed 2 years of college
-Excellent communication skills in English
-We need candidates who are familiar with basic computer operations
-Having a sales background is an advantage
-Ability to handle irate customer situations effectively and empathize with customer with a courteous voice tone
-Ability to deliver information at customer''s knowledge level in an understandable manner
-Ability to apply a logical problem solving approach to resolving customer problems and inquiries
-Strong interpersonal skills and ability to think independently and follow through effectively
-Dependable, keen on details and have strong customer service orientation.
-Amenable to graveyard shifts, shifting/rotation of schedules, working on holidays, working on weekends and rendering overtime